The Soap World Cow Dictionary

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Preface: The Bold ant the Beautiful soap opera claims to be a world wide phenomenon. On soap message boards, the term cow is used in its appropriate form. However, some posters can't accept that appropriate usage.

..........The triangle made up of a world phenomenon, B&B, and cow...........

1. cow (noun)
........ A fully grown female animal of a domesticated breed of ox, used as a source of milk or beef

2. cow (noun: soap world) unpleasant woman; "bitch". Example: Brooke Logan
.......on a message board, a poster follower of Brooke Logan

3. cow (verb)
........Cause someone to submit to one's wishes by verbal browbeating. Example: posting such opinions as, "Brooke Logan IS The Bold and the Beautiful", "Brooke HAD him first", "Brooke never hurt anyone."

4. have a cow (slang expression often used by Bart Simpson to mean "getting upset") Example: action taken in the form of threats, when Brookies DO or DO NOT realize that even they can be screwed over by Brad Bell.

5. Cow Lease (slang for a right of pasturage for a cow, in a common pasture) Example: The House of Bridge, The Shady Marlin
6. Daft Cow (slang for Idiot) Examples: Brooke, and Deacon's spawn, Hopeless, Logan

cowbash (verb)
........verbal interaction on a message board where by the delusional reflections of soap world cows are challenged.

Cowbasher (proper noun)
........On the Cowbashers' message board a poster who cowbashes.
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    ROTFLMAO..Love it
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    Can't say I disagree with ONE SINGLE WORD!!!!
    Now if a can't understand that......there is no hope in the world!!!
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    Thanks for reading. For me, it was a pleasure to write.
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    Hilarious! And so accurate!
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