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Thread: What about all the scenes where Brooke was still pregnant?

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    Default What about all the scenes where Brooke was still pregnant?

    Hi everyone (*waves*) - I think I remember reading here a month ago or so that Brooke was supposed to be pregnant for several more months (since KKL was still wearing the baby bump). Any word on what happened to all of those weeks and weeks of taping? Entire SL scrapped, rewritten? Or same Jerry Springerish SL, continuing where it left off, only sans baby bump? Also, does anyone know if Hunter taped any scenes that were rewritten before she decided not to renew her contract?

    Thanks for providing a place for the behind the scenes scoops from HA, they are truly entertaining.

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    The only thing I can tell you is Baby Bell changes his mind at the drop of a hat quite often

    S.exy L.adies U.nder T.remedous S.pying by Brooke fans.

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    One thing about waste, it catchest up you eventually....all that manpower done the drain, never to see the light of day? ALL of a Off a WHIMP of a wanna be diva.... that's what happens when you let a adolescent run things... Pettiness has NO PLACE in the business world......I don't want to be out done, is NOT a valid reason to scrape an ENTIRE sl, and MONTHS of WORK actors/actress put their heart and soul into..... Someone is eventually gonna want to know where the HELL all that money went.....and when they find out it was largely due to WASTE the shit is going to hit the fan....

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    Just be prepared for the SLs to change like we change our underwear. And it's this very reason that beloved actors/actresses are leaving in droves.

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    What purpose does Bell have now for keeping KKL/Brooke in "the pad". If I remember correctly "the pad" was one of the reasons Taylor had to give birth to the Bricky baby. As soon as the Steam baby went bye bye, every thing was just okey dokey in Boss Lady's world, so it was bye bye Brill baby... but with benefits.

    Another lovely creation by Pua.

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