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    Quote Originally Posted by HTFan View Post
    Lots of speculation about MM and lots of anger directed at his co-workers. Michael Logan is tweeting that there IS a good reason CBS & Sony fired him but won't say what it is. He did however shut Jamey Giddens & DC down like there were children and they haven't tweeted about it since. MTS used the words "tragic situation". Frustrating that no one will say exactly what happened!

    And Victoria Rowell does blow the cover off of alot of things that go on back stage. So did Janice Dickson(spelling??) who used to play Jill. I think these guys must act like hormonal teenagers backstage. I love tell-all books. Wish someone would write an up to date one about B&B!
    That is another thing we have in common. I love tell all books too.

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    her name is brenda dickson

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    check out brenda dickson interview on tv page where she blasts the senior bell.

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    Sharon Case video for MM


    Rather nice for MM, but not too sure if it was only for MM or for herself.

    Another lovely creation by Pua.

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    I have not heard any of these rumorsI don't know what he is like I do know he tweets many pics of his family so to hear he may have done something so inappropriate as this has me SMH...I do know he is a talented actor and I will miss him as Adam on Y&R which is my favorite and only soap I now watch...Hopefully these rumors are just that and I hope he gets a new job and lands on his feet somewhere...
    Made by amazing Pua

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    I read the Hunter King rumor also. Now the rumor is that it was another young actress, possibly the one who plays Summers BFF Courtney. Seriously hoping this is NOT true but his interview sounds somewhat suspicious, with the apology to his wife and kids, among other things. I love MM as Adam and cannot imagine a recast but that's the rumor. MM has not tweeted since last Wed. Purely speculation here but could that be on advice of counsel??
    oh dear, I always see him posting pictures and stuff of his kids on twitter, so I hope that these are just rumors that are not true. I love him as Adam Newman and will miss him dearly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyBear View Post
    Sharon Case video for MM


    Rather nice for MM, but not too sure if it was only for MM or for herself.
    It was a nice gesture, maybe for there fans as well as themselves. I like it.

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    The MM rumor was started by someone going by the name of Michael Muhney Tea, who started it in a Message Board thread on the SSK site. From what's been written, he/she is the only person who's spreading this rumor around the web. There's been no comments or confirmation from MM, CBS, SONY, or JFP. Let's hope it's just that...a vicious rumor. Whatever the reason for MM's firing is something that will most likely never be made public. Do the fans really have a right to know? I'm leaning towards NO because some things should remain private. I'd be interested in other POVs.

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    I found this at another board...

    Another poster wrote this..

    "The more I'm reading now, the more I'm starting to suspect the story may be true. Revealing facts are his comment in his goodbye tweet taking full responsibility for his firing then saying something about taking the time to be with his wife and kids as their well-being right now is of his utmost concern. Sort of a weird thing to say. Also, there are apparently lots of tweets from cast members saying goodbye to Billy Miller and wishing him good luck and absolutely nothing to Michael Muhney. And finally, usually when people are let go, they are warned that their contract won't be renewed and they are then just gone when the time is up. Firing MM and right before Christmas, seems like a very drastic move. And this is what has been floating around since. Not sure who originally tweeted it though.

    A very reliable source told me that Muhney was sexually harassing Hunter King, who plays Summer. He fondled her breasts once and did it again when they were hanging out with the actor who plays Fenn. King wasn't having it and neither was SONY. She is of age (19) but he's 38 and married! Apparently she went to the higher ups and he was dismissed.

    JFP is NOT the villain in this- she actually did fight for him to say (and perhaps settle the dispute within the cast) but SONY insisted he be let go, likely to avoid a possible lawsuit and terrible publicity.

    Which makes the interview that Muhney gave all the more disgusting.

    I believe there was a Blind Item about this in SOD not long ago, and I almost wonder if Branco's BI was about this as well.

    Anyhow, that's the 411 on why he was let go- hence DD and Logan saying there was more to the story and Giddens keeping quiet. They're all in the know. Why else would Daytime Confidential not have put out an outraged story, as much as they diss JFP's Y&R?

    This makes me even MORE disgusted by Branco- you'd think he has the whole story, though maybe all of the reliable sources know better than to tell him anything. "


    That rumor was debunked.......


    The EXCUSE they used to FIRE him was because he had a twitter account in Adam Newman's name.(which SONY owns the character's names.....and he was tweeting some no so nice stuff about the Victor character and some other characters on there......Sexual harassment goes on 24/7 on soaps. Heck just ask Hunter Tylo, she wrote about it in her book.and bland items are always telling about sexual harassment on all soaps....so they would have warned him....

    If there was a tad of truth to that rumor........shame on him..I'm still not going to watch Y&R ..after he's gone due to JFP is known to run off the bigger stars to bring her pets in...the writing stinks......

    Also MM stated why he was worried about his wife and kids was due to when he was single losing a job wasn't as big a deal.But when you have responsibilities of a wife and three children to support it makes one take a pause....

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    I'm going to give MM the benefit of the doubt. If Hunter comes out and say it's true only then will I believe it. He has said that he is very out spoken. Maybe he over stepped I don't know. All I know is there will never be another Adam for me. MM is Adam.

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